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It is a feature film that includes diverse genres, it is not my intention to catalog it into one in particular, because actually it has clear influences of many styles of cinema from the beginning, in all levels and ways.


In ¨SEA BEASTS¨ we find moments in several locations where we can appreciate a certain similarity to German expressionism, creating strong contrasts between lights and shadows and some minimalist sets.


We could also declare that ¨SEA BEASTS¨ has high contents of film noir, clearly expressed in the part of two of its characters (Santos and Woyzeck), apparently two members of the mafia in search of accomplishing their objective, obtaining a mysterious, priceless object, ¨the box,¨ an object which permits its possessor the ability to change people’s will, attracting them and hypnotizing them in a way, with which perhaps we can approach science fiction. In several scenes a completely fantastic atmosphere is created, where the viewer can travel through physically and mentally unknown places, confusing at some point the real time of the story, and even the behavior of the characters becoming altered. The box is the main, disconcerting element of the story, in charge of giving the film a continuous environment of intrigue and suspense, which prevails during the entire film.


Everyone wants to know what it is, where it comes from, why...

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