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In a small, isolated house on a remote coast, next to a violent sea lives Amancio, with only his widowed mother Elvira for company. Amancio is a middle-aged man with the mind of a small child. Caring and imaginative, his days pass by while his obsessive mother overprotects him with an incestuous and unhealthy love/hate. The only contact he has with other people is with Iria, a young government social worker who he is innocently in love with, and Pedro, an old, philosophical fisherman who seems to be the only human who lives in the area.


Amancio often escapes from his sickening place and makes the steep landscapes of the coast his world. There he likes to create adventures that make him evade his gray and asphyxiating daily life. On a nearby beach he finds assorted objects rejected by the sea, and he hides them in a cave that only he knows. The place where he collects these pieces is his sanctuary, his secret, where he spends hours constructing his rich inner world.


One morning, on one of his walks on the beach, Amancio finds a strange capsule that seems to have something mysterious inside. Hypnotized by its almost supernatural shapes, and by the unreal sound it gives off, he hides it as the best of his treasures in his sanctuary, not daring to open it. Before long he’ll discover that there are dangerous people asking around the area, looking for that object, and that his life and the lives of the people he knows are in serious danger because of it. He will see how chilling deaths arrive suddenly to that isolated place, at the hand of two eccentric and hyper-violent gangsters that want that capsule, and won’t stop committing all types of atrocities until they get it. Pursued and isolated in a beautiful and worn landscape, the destiny of Amancio crosses with that of the mysterious object, which has brought violence to the place, and which will be more tied than he thinks to the actions that will take place.



Rosa Álvarez


Fernando Morán


Ricardo de Barreiro


Farruco Castromán


Sandra Iglesias


The project SEA BEASTS is inspired by the fascination which the sea produces in us. Apparently closer to land, with our feet on the ground, inland residents feel a certain spiritual dizziness when contemplating the sublimity of the ocean. That whole amount of water, full of life and death constantly mixed, full of hair-raising violence, of uncontrollable beauty, it makes us see how small we really are, just as the first Romantic landscape painters of the 19th century knew so well, but also with the daring of old explorers, and it incites us to discover a world full of riches that await us within the vastness of the sea.


            Contemplating the majesty of the sea motivated us to delve into the unknown, to dominate that spiritual dizziness, and this is reflected in the need to make a fictional story that had as a subject, as a leiv motiv, and even as a main character, the Sea. That Sea with a capital S, who the Galician poet Manuel Antonio sings to in his verses.


            But we wanted the sea to be the antithesis of the soothing Caribbean beaches, with their calm waters. Our sea, without trying to be pretentious, is a complex, multi-faceted place. A reflection of the human being.


            With SEA BEASTS, we portray a minimal part of human complexity, with all of its primitive violence, with ambition, desperation, needs, love...We show the landscape as a portrait, and we portray the human being as part of the landscape.


            Enthusiastic about the project, we try to discover more about this coast that we have always felt at a distance, compiling data, traveling and investigating, on the Galician coasts as well as in our own interior sea. These treacherous places, full of subtle contrasts, of steep levels, of pictorial colors, of a furious sea without compassion are the reference point to discover human nature to the limit. Even someone who has never seen the sea up close would consider this a valid metaphor, something strangely representative of the conflicts which they live on the inside daily.

Visioners Entertainment S.L.